19 gifts the Pisces in your life will love

Feb 21, 22
19 gifts the Pisces in your life will love

Welcome to Pisces season! Ruled by Jupiter, the god of the heavens, mystical Pisces are dreamers and the empaths of the zodiac. Emotional, tender Pisces will welcome any gift you give them, including and especially thoughtful gestures, no matter how big or small. 

Antares Rising, the astrologer behind the Twitter account Rude Astrology, says, “ethereal, sensitive Pisces are known for their gentleness and otherworldly approach to life. They are sages, healers and seers and their lives are full of symbols and tools that intersect magic with reality.”

With birthdays from Feb. 19 to March 20, the sign of Pisces is symbolized by the fish. They’ll appreciate manifestation candles, gifts that help to fuel their deeply creative bent and anything relating to water.

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