LiNKFOR, a professional connectivity manufacturer, we focus on 5 product lines: HDMI switcher, optical splitter; DAC converter, microphone system and audio amplifier. We strive to provide customers with innovative products, allowing you to easily obtain and use the connected components which needed in a business technology program.

Today, our products are used in various occasions: party entertainment; outdoor activities; small karaoke; home theater; office meetings, etc. We will continue to expand and upgrade our product line, so that you can have a more efficient and convenient life experience.



What makes our products unique

The user-centered concept flows in our blood and runs through our research and development, design, production, marketing and service.

To make it easier to connect, we are constantly innovating products to enhance the usability and richness so that your traditional electronics are no longer useless and help create unforgettable memories in every home.

From legacy products to the latest technology, LiNKFOR is your trusted connectivity advisor.


Our Vision

To innovate your reliable products, provide a better link for your life.